Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why I refuse to waste my time raising children

If you haven't already read the post Raising Children is a Terrible Waste of Time from Generation Cedar. Go ahead and do so-- you'll have to for my rant-post below to make sense! 

If we can agree that raising people is the goal here... what makes us think that things miraculously change once our children reach "school age"? That now is the time to let them spread their wings and fall under teaching that is less than what we, the parents, could give them. Why are we so quick to pass off this huge responsibility of training up our children? And often we pass it off to a secular institution, one that does not acknowledge God. 

Is there a teacher out there that is a better mathematician than me? Surely! But what is my end goal here with my children? Raising them to be super intelligent adults who lack deep faith and convictions-- both of which are naturally fostered at home-- or to raise an adult who may not (but very well may!) have the best math skills but stands firm in their faith and is prepared to face the world because he knows what he believes?

This is my huge problem with Christian parents not homeschooling: 

God has given us this tremendous responsibility to raise up the next generation for Him and for His glory! The purpose is not to raise "well rounded" children or children who have superb social skills or great mathematicians! If He so chooses to gift our children in those areas, then that is awesome but we as parents need not concern ourselves with that. We need to focus on the heart, focus on constantly teaching our children with adulthood in mind. 

We need to ask ourselves: is sending our children out of the home for many hours a week the best way to not only keep their hearts but also to teach them, to disciple them in His ways? And: are the alternative schooling options working towards preserving our family's faith and morals, or are they working against it? 

Friends, we have a huge responsibility on our hands here! We have been given this opportunity to change the course of future by raising people. We can hang up our hats and pass the torch once our children reach kindergarten age, or we can stay put and stand firm. 

I can't think of a better or more lucrative career on this planet! Praise be to God for He is good!

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