Thursday, February 6, 2014

New and improved weekly menu plan

Today I'm happy to share with you all something that has been really helpful around our house lately!

You all know that I am a big advocate of meal planning and typically do my planning, along with many others, on Menu Plan Monday. However, we've found a little system here that is really working, so we're running with it!

We started noticing we were sitting around the dinner table thoroughly enjoying some simple meals like split pea soup, taco salad and baked ziti. And we were all in agreement, "Wow! I could eat this once a week!" So one day I stopped and made a list of the meals that we were willing to have once a week. And, lo and behold, there are about seven of them!

I got on my Cozi calendar and started playing around with which meals worked for which day of the week (depending on how easy or difficult they were to prepare and how many fresh ingredients they required). And this-- our lovely, super-helpful, weekly meal plan-- is what I came up with:

Split Pea or Cauliflower Soup
[made in the pressure cooker, usually served with homemade bread or crackers & some cheese]

Spaghetti, Ziti or Chili
[usually served with a frozen vegetable]

Pork or Chicken
[probably made in the crock pot,  maybe served with some salad or a very simple coleslaw or pickled vegetable and some rice]

Steak or Roast
Saturday's nights fare-- yum!!
[usually served with baked sweet potatoes and oven roasted veggies]

Tacos or Enchiladas
[usually served with beans, rice & a salad]

Homemade Pizza
[made with lots of toppings]

Lentil Stew
[made in the pressure cooker-- so easy & so good]

It has been great to not have to guess about what we are having or worrying about if I have the ingredients on hand! My shopping list looks pretty much the same every week and I'm able to keep the pantry stocked with the essentials. I have been keeping organic onions, baby carrots & celery on hand at all times. They are the foundation for a lot of these meals!

So, there you have it. Nothing revolutionary but all very hearty and filling and simple. And boy, do we need simple!

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