Friday, November 1, 2013

Check out these 23 awesome e-books for just 15 bucks!

I have something near and dear to my heart to share with you today, so please take a moment to read. 

If you follow DIYparenting on Facebook, you already know that Christine Steendahl, "The Menu Mom" is in the process of  fundraising to bring home a 15 year old orphan from Ukraine through adoption.    (Isn't he cute!?!) 

They need to raise all funds by December!

As part of this effort, she is holding a "fire sale" featuring 23 e-books from various online friends at an awesome price. 

There is something in this bundle for everyone!  It is a great deal for you, and it also helps bring Igor home, as all profits from the sale will go into the adoption fund. So cool. 

 here are some of the titles I am particularly excited to check out!

Please consider purchasing a bundle today, and also sharing with your friends this opportunity. Let's work together to bless this boy with a "forever family". 

Sale only valid until November 12! Buy now!  ;-)

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