Thursday, September 19, 2013

My polka dot box is on its way [again]!

The temperatures have dropped and our family is continuing the where-are-my-pants-where-is-my-sweatshirt scramble! And, as we do so, I'm also packing away four sizes of summer clothing, unpacking two sizes of fall clothing and purchasing 2 more sizes of fall clothing! It truly never does end though I have learned to see it as a blessing. How fun it can be to shop for new clothing every six months, even if it's not for me?

Last time I talked about buying clothing for our growing family and I am going to continue on that stint a bit today by telling you about just one way that our family is doing so:

Now I've known about thredUP for some time now. Even made my first purchase last year using some promotional credit I received. I was happy with my selection (a toddler jean skirt) but hadn't realized the full potential of buying from thredUP!

This year, I decided to give it another go. And I'm really glad I did. I was able to pick out 4 tops, 2 sweaters and 1 skirt-- all brand name and of awesome quality-- for under $60. What I really liked was being able to see the item laid out. This way I could see if it looked like it had shrunk in a weird way (instead of buying something new and finding it pretty much unwearable after one laundering). I also liked being able to search by various perimeters including size, brand and color.

As you know, we're still working on my daughter's fall wardrobe and now that my thredUP polka dot box arrived we're almost done. I was able to purchase high quality tops-- Gap, Abercrombie Kids & Lands End-- in just the colors needed. 
comfy Gap tee
I'm sure some of you may be thinking that some clothing can be purchased new for cheaper and, in some cases (though not all) you may be right. However, the perks I mentioned about thredUP combined with the fact that the high-quality clothing will last through hundreds of washing and multiple kids (while many "cheaper" brands won't) make paying the little bit extra one time palatable. 

And because my experience with thredUP was so pleasant, I actually decided to go back and find myself a few things. Gasp! I know. Something for the mama. 

Now that we've transitioned to the family closet (another post waiting to be written, for sure!) I have a better assessment of what I actually own that fits me and I realized I could use a few more pieces. Again, I wanted high-quality, brand name without the retail price tag so I "splurged". Among my finds were an Eddie Bauer jean skirt, Calson T-shirt (I absolutely love these tee's and paid a premium for mine at Nordstrom a few years back!), a Lilly Pulitzer sweater, a pair of Ann Taylor Loft jeans [and an Old Navy hoodie I found for my daughter]. Cost? Just $65. Which, incidentally, is less than a pair of Ann Taylor Loft jeans would have cost me new. 

my new used Lilly Pulitzer sweater
And so, if I haven't sung it's praises enough yet, I have to say one last thing. It is absolutely awesome to be able to go to a website, search for a piece of clothing that you already know you love-- like the Calson tee-- and find it there for much cheaper than retail. No stopping at multiple thrift shops, no digging through racks and racks of clothing. Looking for a pair of jeans? Have a favorite brand? Know your size? Type it all in and there you go. Affordable options. That you're happy with it. That arrive in a cute little box with green polka dots. How can you argue with that?  ;-)

Still not convinced? See for yourself! New thredUP customers can start here and use promotional code RMN35 to get 35% off plus free shipping on their first order (expires 9/30/13) or $10 off through this link.  (These are my referral links.) And stop back to let us know what you found! Happy shopping!

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