Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Let's be real

So, today is not going as well as planned. We officially "started" school at home this week and the kids are actually really excited about the year (yay!). While we've got our routine and curriculum in place, we're still figuring things out!

This year we've got two homeschoolers in the house. Our almost-seven-year-old Big Brother started second grade and our just-turned-five Elligirl started kindergarten! We've also got three-year-old Bud and one-year-old Little Girl. This house is a busy place, as I can imagine it is for many of you as well!

I've been getting asked a lot lately, "how do you do it?" and by "it" they mean homeschool! Admittedly still a homeschooling newbie, I try to answer accurately and joyfully. And, after a fiasco of a morning, I've been thinking to myself "let's be real!"

Now, I'm not saying my previous "accurate and joyful" response to the homeschool question was false, I'm just saying, "let's be real!" Here's what I mean:

Let's be real... homeschooling is not a cakewalk every day!

Let's be real... sometimes I do wish for a little more peace and quiet!

Let's be real... it can be difficult to juggle a handful of children of various ages!

Let's be real... there are days when if baby ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Let's be real... "stuff" like the laundry, dishes, garden & housecleaning still has to get done, it just often takes the back seat to our other priorities!

Let's be real... caffeine is my friend!

With all that being said, I would like to also add this:

Let's be real... I get to watch my kids develop their thoughts, ideas and dreams every single day and I think that's pretty awesome!

Let's be real... if we want, we can make an impromptu stop at Choo-Choo Pop-Pop's house in the middle of the afternoon so the kiddos can visit with their 86-year-old great grandfather. So special.

Let's be real... the kids don't really care if they eat off of paper plates a couple of times a day!

Let's be real... peace and quiet can happen in this household-- just perhaps not as often as I think I "deserve".

Let's be real... homeschooling requires a little extra prep work and planning but it does make for a more smoothly run home.

Let's be real... no matter how hard I try to control my life, my schedule, my household ultimately God is in control. And-- I'll say it again--- let's be real, I'm more than okay with that!

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