Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How I [sometimes] buy groceries in bulk

I realized yesterday that I mentioned buying some groceries in bulk but never fully explained how I do so while also trying to save a few bucks!

I thought a simple list would suffice in showing you the items I purchased and how I saved in the process:

- Brown Jasmine Rice (this stuff is so yummy!)
Purchased 28 ounce bags at Amelia's for $1.79. This time I didn't find organic rice but the price was right so I scarfed up enough bags for at least eight meals.

- Eden Organic Pinto Beans
Purchased 6 cans from my local grocery store half-price clearance rack at around $1.50/can. We like that Eden doesn't use any yucky preservatives or corn-syrup in their beans. They're also organic and in BPA-free cans. Score!

- Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Purchased a 5-pound block of cheese from a local, Mennonite-run grocery outlet-- we are fortunate to have several of these in close proximity to our home!-- for $17.50 or $3.50/pound. I probably could have gotten a bit of a better deal but, again, I was pleased that this kind had no preservatives or artificial coloring and was actually from a local farm. Just the fact that I have enough cheese to last me a few months-- and will not have to run to the grocery store again-- will save us money!

- Late July Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips
Purchased a case from Amazon Warehouse Deals for around $2/bag. These chips make the perfect, less-guilt-ridden snack along with homemade salsa or as an add-in to our family-favorite Taco Salad with Catalina Dressing. Love this brand, love these chips. Enough said.

- Brown Rice Noodles
Purchased 12 bags of these from Amazon for a very decent price ($2.48/piece) and actually saved even more with the recent $5 back-to-school coupon Amazon was offering (since expired, sorry guys!). All in all these came out to be $2.06/piece. Not bad!

- Natural Value Tuna
Let me start by saying that this was not necessarily a steal on tuna fish. However, it was a very good deal on canned chunk tuna that was just tuna and spring water in BPA-free cans. So, they came out to be $2.67/piece. Anxious to have these on hand to make easy, healthy dinners of tuna salad and tuna cakes. Stay tuned.

- Earth's Best Crunchin' Crackers
Got a case these for 68 cents a box from Amazon Warehouse Deals. A quick, organic snack for baby. A no-brainer.

-Buddy Fruits Apple Bites
Another great Amazon Warehouse Deal find at 46 cents a packet. A nice, healthy afternoon snack option for the kiddos.

- Newman's Own Microwave Buttered Popcorn
Found boxes of these-- my favorite non-GMO popcorn-- for $1.99 (!) a box at another Mennonite-run grocery outlet. I've purchased these elsewhere for close to $4/box, so I was extremely pleased! I only bought two because some in this house are lactose intolerance and another has a corn allergy so I am the only [lucky] one who gets to enjoy these!

So, there you have it! A little glimmer of what our pantry is looking like these days. Some day soon I hope to update you on all the garden preserving we've been doing and hopefully will have some recipes to share, too. Until then, happy saving!

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  1. We do this too! I have found that the best way to buy certain groceries in bulk (Rice, Flour, Confectioner's sugar, etc.) Is to be sure to repackage them in sealed containers. This keeps them from spoiling, or succumbing to pantry moths.