Monday, April 22, 2013

Money saving-- and Earth Friendly-- resolutions!

Happy Earth Day! The kids and I had a blast making a craft out of recycled baby food jars, reading Planet Protectors books from Cloverleaf Books and even watching a little video about what goes on at a recycling plant. All the talk about reusing, recycling and being good stewards of the resources God has given us, has got me thinking about how as a frugal mom, the things I am doing to help save my family money are also good for the planet! It also sparked some discussions with the kids about things we can do differently around our home to reduce the amount of trash we make, pollution we contribute to and energy we [mis]use daily. So this Earth Day, I've come up this set of resolutions:

--Continue using cloth diapers as often as possible. Not only do these lil ditties save us money, they reduce the amount of disposables that we send off to landfills (and the amount of stinky trash bags that pile up too quickly)!

--Look into and purchase thicker, training-pant style underwear for the "middle" children who are potty trained but still wearing disposables for nap- and bedtime. We're considering purchasing these

Planet Protectors series
--Get better about unplugging electronics like the kids' CD players & nightlights and my computer & printer when they are not in use. 

--Make our own cloth napkins out of fabric scraps instead of using paper napkins.

--Take shorter showers!

--Remember to bring our reusable shopping bags along to the grocery store instead of opting for plastic bags. 

What about you? What resolutions are you and your family making?

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