Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday's Simple Switch: preparing for church ahead of time

I don't know about you but we always seem to be late-- or on time but with no breathing room-- to church. We've been trying to get all of our ducks in a row and get into the van early but inevitably once we get in there, someone is missing a shoe or we forgot that a car seat needs to adjusted or, the worst, someone needs to go to the bathroom! Sometimes these types of unexpected are just that and can't be avoided, but other times, with some simple planning, they can be avoided.

For today's SSS, I just want to offer a list of a few simple things we are trying out here in our home in an attempt to be more prompt on Sunday mornings:

love my church bag from Blessings Unlimited!

  • the church bag complete with activities, snacks, drinks, hand sanitizer, wipes, diapers & tissues is packed the night before
  • the van is checked the night before in search of wayward shoes, unfit car seats and the like
  • breakfast is prepared the morning before (a double batch of oatmeal) so that it can just be reheated on Sunday morning. Going as far as filing sippy cups with milk wouldn't be a half-bad idea either!
  • tithe is waiting and ready to go!
  • church attire is clean and set-out the night before. I want to start setting it aside earlier in the week to be sure that it doesn't get worn and put back into the dirty laundry pile by mistake!
  • if we're running really behind I opt out of the traditional breakfast and make myself a smoothie that I can take along and drink on the way to church. Some of my favorite smoothie recipes can be found here and here
This is just a short list and I am sure there are many more we'll be adding to our list in the weeks to come. I'd love to hear what your family does to help stay on schedule when getting to church-- or anywhere! Share your comments below!

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