Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My secret money saving tips [shhh!]

I'm not going to elaborate too much on this one but here are some money saving tips that I'd rather not share but, in the name of saving a buck, am going to anyway!

- We often stretch out chili by serving the leftovers over baked potatoes or rice.

- I often use only one nursing breast pad; first thing in the morning placing one pad on the side that I'll be feeding the baby second. I stay at home so I figure this is acceptable (?).

- Though most of my cloth diapers are gender neutral, occasionally the girls have worn blue and the boys have worn purple. No big deal.

- We've run out of toilet paper and I've had to use baby wipes instead. (Oops!)

- We don't have cable but I sometimes do ask my mom to Tivo a few things for me.

- My daughters often wear their brothers' old pj's. But only once have I put my son in a girl's pajama set. Not sure what to make of this.

- We don't have a cell phone that sends (or receives) texts. In the rare instance that we need to text, we use Google Talk's text messaging service instead. [2015 update: We now use our iPod & iPad Mini over Wifi for free texting to iMessage/iPhone users... still no fancy cell phone!]

- I stretch out the ketchup by adding water and am proud to say I learned this from my father.

- Our Kitchenaid blender has been doubling as a juicer by pureeing desired fruits and vegetables and straining them through a nut-milk bag. A $400+ Vitamix just isn't in the cards right now!

- I purposely buy gender neutral shoes, socks and sweatshirts for my children whenever possible.

- We limit most of our Kindle purchases to the freebies. (But who doesn't?!)

- When the jelly jar is near empty, I add milk to it and shake it up and serve flavored milk to the kids.

just ordered from Kohl's Juniors Plus
section for $4.20! will be worn with 
leggings to be more modest!
- I use my dryer sheets twice.

- I love to buy plus-size skirts and dresses on the clearance rack. They are always super cheap and it is beyond easy to re-purpose them into pretty gems that are just my size! I found this is usually cheaper and much less time-consuming than buying fabric and sewing from scratch!

- My husband and I like to split a $6 meal from Wegmans. We bring it home and eat it with a tossed salad and revel that we just got away with a really cheap at-home date night!

- I've Febreezed things instead of laundering them.

- I save my food scraps to make my own vegetable broth.

- I buy the more expensive Castile soap because it's corn-free but I dilute it, putting it into a  foam dispenser. We use the baby version for kids bath soap and homemade baby wipe solution. Right now we're using the lavender scent for foaming hand soap.

- I will re-wear socks if it means pushing off laundry duty one more day.

- I sometimes only fill our van half-full of gas. Spending $30 instead of $60 somehow makes me feel better about things. And, since we don't drive the van too often, I can sometimes get away with only [half-] filling it twice a month. Why not just [full-] fill it all at once?, you ask. And to that I would reply, I dunno.

So have you got a secret tip to share? Can't wait to hear it!

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