Friday, September 2, 2011

September meal plan: a day late but right on the dollar

I have been forever trying to develop a better grocery budget for our family. I enjoy grocery shopping, couponing and stockpiling but sometimes that can make for a very inconsistent monthly budget. I also am pretty vague with the term grocery which used to mean anything purchased at the grocery store. So my monthly grocery expenses-- which included toiletries, paper products, diapers & wipes-- never seemed to dip below $400 for our family of five. 

This month I have diligently created a meal plan for the entire month and purchased 80% of the groceries necessary. I will certainly need to buy more milk, eggs and produce but should otherwise be able to get through the month using what I purchased this week (I spent $200 on food). I am also going to be diligent about separating non-food items into a different budget line, to really get to the bottom of how much our food is costing us!

So here's what the month of September will look like in our kitchen:

1- Pasta Carbonara (adapted to be dairy-free) & steamed broccoli
2- Whole Wheat Pizza Dough topped with Homemade Ranch dip (these dry spices + 1 cup pureed soft tofu + 1 cup mayonnaise = really good dairy-free dip) and raw veggies & salad
3- Grilled Sausage & red cabbage & oven roasted sweet potato fries
4- Chili
5- Crock pot pork & sauerkraut & mashed potatoes
6- Artichoke & Mushroom Frittata
7- Turkey and Oat Burgers & baked beans & homemade pickles
9- Spaghetti & salad
10- Cod & oven fries & steamed green beans
11- Eating with family
12- Crock pot Beans and Hot Dogs (made with sausage instead) & Restaurant-Style Coleslaw
13- Leftover spaghetti & salad
14- Taco salad
15- Three Bean and Barley Soup & raw carrots
16- Penne with this Mushroom Sauce & cooked spinach
17- Korean Beef & rice & steamed asparagus (SO good!)
18- Chili
19- Challah French Toast with applesauce
20- Tuna stuffed baked potatoes & raw carrots
21- Leftover chili
22- Turkey and Oat Burgers & oven fries & homemade pickles
23- Cod & stewed tomatoes with dumplings & roasted brussel sprouts
24- Pork and apple stew & red cabbage
25- Eating with family
26- Quinoa Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (with leftover pork added)
27- Sausage with homemade marinara sauce & salad
28- Taco salad
29- My son's birthday; he'll pick the meal
30- Turkey and Oat Burgers & oven fries & homemade pickles

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