Friday, April 15, 2011

Taking the leap

with Liz Sacks
I'm going to be committed. Committed to be a SAHM. Right now its not in the cards, our budget is pared down to the bare minimum, and we still need roughly $200-$250 a week on top of my husband's income to maintain our family. I work part time to help maintain our finances. I love my job too. I am a teacher, and my passion is for guiding children to those glorious ah-ha! moments. I have several students right now that I care for deeply, and am proud to be their teacher. But what I really want is to teach my kids.

I recently had a very tempting offer to leave my current employer for another job that would enable me to earn the money I'm earning now, and stay at home with my kids. The catch? It was temporary. I needed something reliable, and permanent. In the end, I chose to stick it out where I currently am. I have many commitments: my child is enrolled in a private school for a year, and I have a contract at my current job till next June. I chose to honor those commitments, to follow biblical principal and keep my promises, even if it is hard. My mom said something to me as I agonized over this decision, and prayed and prayed about my choice. She told me that a leap of faith does not have to be a dark one that is taken suddenly and without plans. That I should take this wake up call and make the leap. So I am leaping.

I will be a SAHM in a year.

Gutsy, I know. Scary, yes. Will this goal change? I sure hope not! I'm open to God's plans, but I'm stepping out on faith, and asking God to provide for me to be able to be a SAHM as of the next school year. I want to care for my children, I want to homeschool, I want to make my family my priority.

This is a terrifying commitment, one that I've wondered about. During my maternity leave I loved being home with my children. That being said it was DIFFICULT beyond belief. I think its almost easier to be a working mom, after all, I do get lunch breaks, and I can use the bathroom by myself during the day. No audience, and no whining! But I know, that I am called to teach my children, to guide them, to love them, and to be there for them.

If anyone wants to contribute to my journey with ideas, tips, advice, prayer, please do! It takes a village to encourage a mom! I intend to blog about this journey, and I am glad to take you along with me!


  1. I just became a SAHM last summer when I lost my job and my daycare provider in the same month. My hubby and I decided that God must be giving me a big hint as to what I should do! I got my daycare license, immediately. This allows me the extra income and to be able to stay home with my 3 and 1 year old! It's a tough road, but I have no desire to detour! Good luck and do what your heart tells you to do!

  2. Thanks Jessica! Lets see where God takes me! I'm praying fervently it is to my home!