Friday, April 8, 2011

The best I can do

with Liz Sacks
I've been finding, that for all my delusions of grandeur when my kids were babies and life was no more than poop, cereal, and breast milk, when life was easier, that I am not the perfect mom. Not even close.

I am exhausted, barely managing, and sometimes, as another blogger once said "the best I can do is the best I can do!" To put it mildly, I am overwhelmed. Sometimes I just need a pat on the shoulder, a smiling face in the vicinity, a friendly voice on the phone, I'll even take a written note! Something, anything!

I came home the other night to find that just having another mom know that I'm struggling, and more importantly, what I struggle with is quite a balm on the open wound of doing my best, and still not succeeding! I came home to find a bevy of encouraging messages in my mailbox, and a smiling face telling me they'd been thinking of me, and hoping my day was okay. It was not okay-- it was a rough rough day and I needed to hear that! (Thanks Jenny!)

I know its cliche, but there is no such thing as the perfect mom! We slave, and we try, and we wrestle with guilt, and we eyeball our neighbor, who seems to have it all together, and if we could only be like her, we'd be the perfect mom. And so we sit alone, envying everyone else their perfect life, and downtrodden, we plod on.  

Stop envying! Encourage each other, and pray for one another. Motherhood is hard. Made even more complicated by modern life, it is just one exhausting tangle after another.

Find another mom. Call her now, tell her you know her life is difficult, and you've been thinking of her. Call her weekly, and ask her how she is. Don't talk about work, don't talk about your neighbor, or your latest cooking adventure, just focus on supporting each other. It makes things that much more bearable.

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