Monday, March 7, 2011

The technology trap

So, the other day I was reminiscing about the days when we paid for our dial-up Internet by the hour. I remember quickly hopping on the "world wide web" to look up some minuscule piece of information or to check my hotmail account (or was it gurlmail?). The little dur-dur, dur-dur sound signaled my connection-- albeit hurried and brief-- to cyberspace. This was also around the time when our family's desktop PC (a Gateway) cost well over a thousand dollars. Who would've imagined that the next decade would bring lightening fast connections for 15 bucks a month unlimited on a 10-inch netbook that cost less than $300?

Technology is a two-edged sword. The Internet affords luxuries like finding out practically any piece of information with a quick Google search (sometimes I can't sleep until I find out some random fact like what is the most humane way to kill a stinkbug). It permits work-from-home opportunities that we used to only dream of. And then you've got cell phones. The ability to talk to or text any person while you're at the playground or the grocery store or in a mall fountain. And what about household appliances as technology? Where would I be without my dishwasher? Sulking over the sink, that's where! God bless Mr. Maytag or whoever the genius is that invented this miraculous machine.

But technology does have it's down sides. Do we really want to be available by cell phone around the clock? How much more time would we spend reading if we didn't have 800 television channels? And money. How much money could we be saving if we didn't own every tempting gadget?

The next couple of posts will take a closer look at the technology trap that we all face. Let's look at ways to weed out the unnecessary, save money on the occasional splurges and determine what really are the must-haves.

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