Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saving on the staples (eggs, bread & milk)

I'm big on cutting back my grocery bill! Having said that I rarely skimp on nutrition or quality. We are a family with multiple food allergies, as well, so I can't just buy any and all generic products. There are specific brands and products that I buy on a very regular basis, many of which don't regularly distribute coupons.

With some diligent work I've been able to cut most grocery bills down so that they cost me 30 to 70% less. I know you can do this too! It's not rocket science at all, it just takes a little time and planning. Here are my quick tips to saving money at the grocer:

Use coupons!
Shop the sales!
Combine sales with coupons!
Combine store coupons with manufacturers coupons!
Visit multiple stores to get the best prices!
Stick to your list!
Stick to your budget!
Buy generic when possible!
Make from scratch!
Avoid shopping too often (chances are the more you're there, the more you'll buy)!
Create a meal plan!

I could go on and on-- and maybe someday I will-- but the purpose of this post is to help you save on the staples. Let's start with eggs:

In my area a dozen of large eggs goes on sale for around $1 every couple of weeks. Eggs usually have a decent refrigerator life so this would be a good time to purchase enough for the next 30-50 days or so (depending on their expiration). But I've also found that my local discount grocers Aldi and Bottom Dollar Food sell their eggs for around 89 cents per one large dozen every day. No need to wait for a sale. 

If you happen to get a really great price but don't think you'll use them in time, know that you can freeze eggs. You'll want to crack them, whisk them as if you were making scrambled eggs and then freeze them as so. Now you can just thaw and have liquid eggs ready for various cooking needs. About 1/4 cup liquid egg equals 1 large egg. 

Occasionally coupons for eggs circulate. I try to keep my eyes open for these (it could potentially mean free eggs at Bottom Dollar!) and share them with you via our Facebook page

I am running out of time here and I really want you to reflect on all of this. I've provided a lot of information here that may be new to some of you, so I am going to continue with bread and milk tomorrow. Stay tuned!


  1. What a great idea about freezing eggs - neer even thought about it! I have GOT to get the Bottom Dollar. Thanks for the great info :)

  2. Bottom Dollar even had paper towels on sale last Friday for 25 cents per roll!!!