Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On being a Hurt Healer

My husband and I had the awesome opportunity of attending what's deemed as the largest Christian concert tour in America-- Winter Jam. It was a great experience to not only get to see talented performers including David Crowder Band, Newsboys & Chris August (among many others) but also to be among fellow Christians who have a heart for God praising, worshiping and praying.

One of my favorite parts of the evening included a brief presentation by Tony Nolan, guest speaker and author. Tony shared moving stories not only about his conversion but amazing stories about others. I was so intrigued with what Tony had to say that I went home with a copy of his book Hurt Healer: Reaching Out to a Broken World and was determined to read it. It didn't take much arm twisting. I started the book the next day and finished it 3 days later. It's a great book, fairly easy to read-- concise chapters that left me saying "I'll read just one more chapter and then I'll do the dishes..." or "just one more chapter and then I'll fold the laundry..."-- and it touts an inspiring message all the while.

Having just finished the book last night I'm so pumped about this message. During my teenage years I discovered that I had a heart for the hurting. Many times I've struggled with this heaven-sent gift because with it comes a load of burdens. But, after reading Hurt Healer, I feel better equipped to serve the hurting and a strong affirmation that this is a gift from God. And, if He has laid it on my heart to help the hurting, He will definitely help me to carry any and all burdens when they arise.

As a busy mother of three young rascals it would be easy to make excuses about why I can't help the hurting now. I could let dirty diapers and midnight feedings hold me back from being more like Jesus with the excuse that my kids are a ministry (which they are). But, thinking about it, being at home with my kids affords me many opportunities to be both a momma and a hurt healer.

Not only am I able to carry out some Deliberate Divine Deeds, which Tony encourages, from home but I can uphold my primary calling of being a mother and a hurt protector by being there for my children to love, encourage and nurture their precious souls. I pray that God calls you to do the same!

God bless you Tony!


  1. Thanks Jenny, what a good post! It is so true that we can't let motherhood be an excuse for not engaging in ministry. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I loved what you wrote here! Mothers are Hurt Healers....hurts hurt less when a mom is at her best! Reading this blessed me!

    Tony Nolan