Friday, March 25, 2011

Capturing that childlike faith

with Liz Sacks
Recently, a loved relative has passed. This is always a tough time, but made even more difficult by the fact that our oldest, Sarah, is old enough to be aware of it. We had discussed it ahead of time, since he was sick for a long time, battling cancer, not once, but twice. She was sad to hear he was sick, and her childish prayers were sweet and comforting, full of faith and trust, and no doubt at all that God would take care of everything.

The moment I told her that he had passed, Sarah's response was:
"Oh No! But Mom, don't cry, he's in heaven, and he's so happy now! He gets to see Jesus, and there is great food in heaven!"

She then proceeded to pray for his family, specifically his daughter. She was so sweet.
"Mom, I'd be sad if Daddy went to Heaven, so I want to pray for her. Jesus, please help her to be okay. I hope she feels better soon, cause she misses her Daddy, I would miss my Daddy."

It is precious to be reminded by our own children the things that matter. Yes, life might seem so simple in their eyes, and sometimes we need that simplicity of faith.

I am surprised with the poise and security that she handles something like death. I am convinced it is her childlike faith that protects her from despair, or depression. She knows God's got it going just as it should go.

As parents it is so easy to overlook this strength, this resiliency. It is so easy to think we should just gloss over life, so as not to upset them. But in their childishness, they remain able to ride out the storm gracefully, because it is not they who are riding out the storm, they are trusting God to get them through it. Their simple submission to his will, his control, his sovereignty, is their protection from the storms of life. Ought it not be ours as well?

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."
Matthew 19:14


  1. Kids are amazing, and even more than that, there faith is beyond amazing. When my Mom passed away, I told my daughter(3) that she went to Heaven to be with Jesus. Her response completely blew me away, instead of getting upset and crying she stopped to think for a second and said "That is so AWESOME MOM! I want to go meet Jesus too!" It's crazy how they can put things into perspective for us,and remind us what a blessing we have to know him, and how the end of our lives on earth is the beginning of a life that is beautiful and beyond our wildest dreams. Thanks for this post! I needed it!

  2. So glad it was a blessing to you Lauren! Children really are a great example of faith in action!

  3. Aww...this is so sweet and just what I needed to read today! Found you from a comment on my "busybody" article on Moms of Faith. Would love if you'd come visit my personal blog as well! :)