Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday's Simple Switch: stop buying baby wipes

Saturday's Simple Switch (SSS) is a weekly column featuring one simple switch you can make to cut back on everyday spending. Remember, every penny saved can help you achieve your goal of spending more time your children!

I'm sure you've heard it before-- make your own baby wipes. But have you made the switch? It really is a fairly simple one. There are tons of recipes out there that take a roll of thick paper towels-- I prefer Viva brand-- and top with a water/soap/oil solution. I've been doing this for quite some time now only buying expensive name-brand wipes when they were super cheap. Now, I know you can just buy cheap no-name wipes, but for us that didn't work (both my baby's bottom and my hands couldn't tolerate them). 

Here's the simple homemade wipes recipe we used:
1 1/2 cups warm water
1 Tablespoon baby oil or olive oil
1 Tablespoon baby wash

use with 30-40 select-a-size sheets of Viva paper towels
in an empty plastic wipes tub

Separate the paper towels from the roll than divide them up into about 3 piles of 30 wipes. Roll one pile of towels up and place them in a plastic wipes tub. Pour the soap solution over top of the wipes and let absorb. The wipes will not dispense properly out of the container however I still find this to be a much easier way of doing it (other recipes tell you to cut the paper towel rolls in half, which I found to be a big mess)! 

Now with all that being explained I have to tell you that I no longer use these paper towels (very rarely anyway)! Instead I use a soap solution in a small spray bottle to spray baby wash cloths. This is so simple and inexpensive and it just requires that I launder the wash cloths (which, for me, go right in the machine with the cloth diapers). Even if you are not cloth diapering, this is a very cost effective, eco-friendly alternative to disposable wipes and I highly recommend it!

Soap Solution for Spray Bottle:
1 cup warm water
1 teaspoon baby oil or olive oil
2 teaspoons baby wash

Pour into spray bottle and shake to combine.

You'll need to make an initial investment of no more than $20 to purchase 20 or 30 baby wash cloths and a spray bottle or two. I estimate that this simple switch could save you around $100 a year (more or less depending on how many rascals you have in diapers)!

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