Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday's Simple Switch: buy fewer beverages

Saturday's Simple Switch (SSS) is a weekly column featuring one simple switch you can make to cut back on everyday spending. Remember, every penny saved can help you achieve your goal of spending more time your children! 

Now, I like a good latte as much as the next girl, however my budget just doesn't allow for them as often as I' like. But that's okay, I've found some pretty clever ways to recreate my own at home (it's all about the whipped cream, I assure you). Besides, I thoroughly enjoy the steamy beverage so much more on the grand occasions that I do splurge. 

So, you know what I'm getting at right? Stop drinking expensive lattes. But not just lattes... all beverages, really. In all seriousness, I won't encourage you to stop drinking all beverages other than water and milk, I will simply tell you to consider cutting back

Here are Saturday's Simple Switches:

Instead of bottled juices or juice boxes... 
...go for the cheaper, 100% juice concentrates where you just add water

Instead of bottled teas... 
...go for the economical, mix-it-yourself powdered tea

Instead of overpriced flavored water...
...try infusing your own water with citrus, cucumber or herbs

Instead of expensive-drive-thru-coffee everyday... 
...cut back to twice a week

Instead of bottled sports drinks... 
...try making your own

Instead of ordering soda at a restaurant... 
...order [free!] water with lemon

Instead of making hot chocolate from packets... 
...make your own using the recipe on the cocoa container

Instead of buying soda for everyday consumption... 
...cut back to only drinking it on weekends [or only on rare occasions]


  1. Nice post. A suggestion though — Instead of pricy powdered teas with a ton of ingredients, I like to boil a bit pot of water on the stove, then turn it off and drop 4 or so tea bags in and let sit for an hour or two. Then I can decide exactly how much sugar/juice/etc to add.

  2. Americans often do not understand how important it is to drink plenty of water. Other drinks should not be counted as part of the 8 cups of water needed daily for our bodies to function properly. Our family really does not drink much other than lots of water, milk and occasional juice or tea. Note that juices often have added sugars. If they are made from a concentrate the ingredients list does not have to include sugar as an ingredient, just "juice, made from concentrate."
    I LOVE to make a cold "water" drink for the summer...
    2 quarts water
    cut up fruit:
    4 or 5 strawberries
    1 orange (do not peel)
    1 lemon (do not peel)
    Be creative, use any fruit you like, I sometimes put in a kiwi or 2. If your pitcher or water dispenser is clear, try cutting the orange and lemon into long spirals. Throw the fruit into the pitcher with the water. Stir. Cover. Refrigerate. Enjoy! If everyone drinks this up too quickly, you can refill the pitcher at least once within 24 hours. After that the fruit begins to get old.
    Watermelon is the perfect fruit to replace body salts and electrolytes lost when one dehydrates. It can be used in this drink (or just to eat) when a child has had a prolonged fever instead of doctor recommended supplemented waters like 'pedialyte.'