Friday, February 25, 2011

Introducing our newest writer Liz Sacks

My name is Liz Sacks. I am a working mother. Like many of you, I must work. I have no choice. I carry around a load of working mother guilt, and try to reason it away with pithy little sayings like: “I enjoy work, it gives me adult time” or “my children and I get along better when we have some time apart.” Last but not least “maybe socialization is good for them.” I know these aren’t true, and sadly, they give little comfort to a mom whose heart is at home, with her kids. 

I am blessed in that my mother watches my children 3 days a week, and my new infant, 5 days. Two days out of the week, my older girls (ages 4 and 2) go to the daycare where I work with me. This is a necessary evil, and one I would avoid if I could. But, in my line of work I know, sometimes there is no avoiding it. It is a fact of modern life.   

Working at the daycare I have seen and heard many things from working mothers. I feel their pain instinctively, and have been in similar situations myself. That being said, I also see many parents in my line of work who do not share my thoughts and views on parenting.

So, what are my views on parenting, and why do I subscribe to them?  

In a nutshell, I realize that motherhood is the most important job we have. It is also a God-given privilege. As anyone who is a parent knows, in parenting allows there is little room for selfishness. I’m not saying that you let your kids eat off your plate, sleep in your bed, be attached at the hip and run the roost. What I am saying is that parenting requires us to we admit to ourselves that teaching our children, preparing them for life should be apparent in everything we do. 

When we come home from work, our children see us walk in that door, and we are  have to be mommy instantly. We can’t say “hey guys! I need to wind down before I can do my mommy stuff”. Our kids are ready for us now. Every move we make, thought we act on, and task we accomplish is attended by an audience. It is our job to make the most of our time with our children by teaching them life lessons while loading the dishwasher, cooking supper, talking about our day, and even in how  the ways we choose to take time to ourselves.  As working mothers, we have even less time with our youngsters than stay-at-home moms do, let's make it count.  

Here's a verse that applies to parenting as much as anything else:

“Whether therefore you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
I Corinthians 10:31
Let's do it to the Glory of God.

Liz will be the lead writer on this new column,
 as she balances life as a working mom whose
heart is at home!
You can find out more about Liz on our About DIYp page and read more of her blog posts at Musings of a Mad Mother


  1. Well written Liz. I too feel your pain as a working mom. I work from my home but I still send my youngest to day care but there are days, where both my children are home while I am trying to work and it is very hard to be Mom and employee at the same espically when on a conference call and in the next room the boys are yelling at each other because of which cartoon they want to watch.

  2. A good reminder that none of us knows the heart of another mother unless it is shared with us. In other words, we must all be careful to not judge other moms for their choices in regard to work. When I work (part-time), I work from home OR I am able to have my girls with me. This is such a blessing for me and I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute financially without too much interruption to my mothering duties! What you said is so true, though, that we need to take advantage of every teachable moment we have with our children. Thanks for this reminder :-)

  3. @Missy, Thank you! I'm glad I'm not alone. The sad reality is that sometimes both parents MUST work. It is a hard balancing act!
    @JP Glad to write it, it was a good reminder to me to! That being said, you're spot on your perception of this post! It is so easy to judge from where we stand, isn't it? What is ten times harder is realizing that everyone has a different burden, thankfully we all have the same hope in Jesus Christ.
    I am glad you are blessed in being able to spend as much time mothering as you do!
    Thanks Ladies! :)

  4. Loved the article! While I am a SAHM, I completely understand that there are cases where that just can't happen and it's nice to be able to hear that side. I'm anxious to keep reading your posts!!!

  5. sounds as if you have your hands full but also if you have a good concept of how to be the best parent you can be life is tough and often sends us for challenges but when we know that we are doing the best we can that is all that can be asked

  6. Very nicely said. I'm an older mom/grandma of very successful kids. However tired you are now, you will know that it is all worth it when you see that you have put good people into the world.

  7. I am dreading the mom-guilt for working!! We are in the process of adopting and I am nervous about the fact that I will be working after our baby arrives. Thanks for the encouraging post!

  8. Thanks for sharing. I wish you and your family the best!

  9. I understand how you feel, I stayed home for a while as my girls were growing up, but went to work part time after after the second child when she was 3. Alot of guilt, but also liked having the adult time. God will bless you either way, he knows your heart.
    Cyndi M

  10. You are doing a really good job! :)

  11. I also had three children under the age of 5 and its a hard decision to work or not. I love reading your blogs and watching your girls grow up! You will make the right choice for your family!