Friday, February 4, 2011

Entertaining your kids during the Super Bowl

Game day is just around the corner. You might be attending a friend's Super Bowl party or settling in to watch the game on your own couch, either way, keeping your kids occupied while you cheer on your favorite team could be a dilemma. I know it's doubtful that my three, young kids would understand the American necessity that is Super Bowl Sunday! So, here are a few simple ideas of how to entertain the rascals during Super Bowl XLV:

-Coloring pages [to the rescue!]
Steelers coloring page 1
Steelers coloring page 2
Packers coloring page 1
Packers coloring page 2
Eagles coloring page (I know, I know)
Bipartisan football coloring page 1
Bipartisan football coloring page 2
Bipartisan football coloring page 3

-Hit up your local dollar store to purchase some party streamers in your team's colors. Let the children decorate the house with colorful team spirit!

-Plan a ritual for each touchdown. Perhaps an overzealous piggy-back ride will do the trick or a cookie, you decide! This will keep the rascals involved throughout the game. A similar activity can be planned for commercial breaks (although some of us agree that this is the best part of the night).

-Purchase a few small footballs as party favors. If the kids get bored enough, let them decorate the balls with markers and stickers.

-Plan a special half-time activity. Not only will this give the rascals something to look forward to, it will also aid in diverting their attention away from the half-time show, which, chances are, won't be appropriate for little eyes anyway (think wardrobe malfunction). This may or may not include a football toss through a hula hoop, warm up exercises or making up a cute-sy cheer for the Steelers winning team.

The game starts at 6:30pm ET, this Sunday, February 6 on FOX.

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