Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ABC's for parents

Ohh, look, another blog, you might say. And, yes, you are most definitely right. Please consider glancing at this ABC compilation to decide if this blog is going to be one you choose to follow [and I hope it will be]!

DIYparenting is about...

A- activities, Amazon Mom, artwork
B- baby food, Boz, baking
C- cooking, coupons, car seats, calling
D- diapering, decorating, dishes
E- education, earnings
F- faith, FlyLady, fun
G- groceries, gardening, Gigi
H- health, hope
I- illnesses, investment
J- joy, jelly, jump ropes
K- kingdom-focused, kinestetics
L- laundry, lovies, legacy
M- music, money, messes
N- naps, nursing
O- orajel, omelets
P- preschool, parties, pacifiers
Q- quilts, Qubo
R- recipes, Roku, rewards
S- saving, simplifying, sippy cups
T- teething, timeouts, training
U- understanding, underwear
V- vigilance, vacuuming
W- weather, wipes
X- Xcitement
Y- youth
Z- zeal, zzzz's

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